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NBA2K18 shooting badge have any effect? NBA2K18 shooting badge attribute Raiders

“NBA 2K18” shooting type badge effect Detailed explanation of the shooting type badge What is the use?

In the end, I made a brief 3-pointer shooting comparison with two pitchers that I used personally. One is Emerald Ray Allen, one is Ruby Bowen, of course, Bowen’s three-pointers property is higher than Ray Allen, so the comparison is for reference only.

The first is the two of the third attribute comparison:

Bowen interfered by 9 points high 9 points, 3 points gap because Ray Allen wore shoes, so only 4 points, basically a level one-third shooter

Look at the two-thirds hit rate comparison:
Bowen averaged 58.3 percent from the field while shooting nearly 40 percent, while Ray Allen was 40 percent. The difference is still big. Why is this?

Last two badges look at the contrast:
Bowen had the bottom three-pointers and the catch-and-shoot gold medal we mentioned earlier, while Ray Allen had only the pick-and-shoot shooting hand bronze medal and range unlimited bronze medal. Although there are many variable factors in this group comparison, it still can explain the problem to a certain extent. The difference between the level of the badge and the level of the badge can have a tremendous impact on the hit rate of the pitcher.

This is why in the Hong Kong service PS4 auction house, a catch shooting hand / bottom three-pointers badges can sell 4-5000MT reason.

Since the role of badge so big, follow-up players in the choice of player cards in addition to his attributes when concerned about the price, but also look at his badge details. Usually when the card comes with very few badges, and are all copper badges, and the theme cards, the history of players cards and reward cards badges will be more. For the player you like especially, the way to show your love is: KK gold card package or auction house, please do not forget to play badge Yo.

The above is about the effect of shooting badge in the game graphic Detailed, the impact on the players is still very significant, as mentioned above, you want to enhance a player, in addition to attributes, the badge is also very important.