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The NBA live mobile beginners start strategy nbalivemobile beginners start guide

Authorized by the NBA basketball sports tour NBA live hand mobile will soon in the near future for open beta, as a collection of CARDS, such as elements of basketball player to swim, need to be familiar with after a period of time to get started. So small make up the NBA live mobile novice opening strategy and the new guide, help you quickly familiar with the game.

After new people into the game, NBA Live 18 some basic task quickly, is all some basic operation and knowledge of game and the game is introduced, about 10 minutes, after finish this, you have some money, but it is not started business, also have to go to the playing season and honestly against money, don’t to do online games at the same time, some rewarding, some online games to do a good, do more, you will feel very pit which don’t have much money, also fee physical strength, strength the couple is very important, with physical strength can make money, this stage is to make money by manual Labour.

Next, when you saved 100000 pieces, you can begin to make money, save money, the more to run, the stronger the ability to resist risks; Ago, I started from selling silver card player, that was before the revision, the game has just come out before long, now selling silver profits is too low, because we are now 7500 bags, the gold card, you can start selling directly from the gold card, general gold card below 2000 average, more than 3500 sold, remember is common gold card, is the capacity of less than 79, because of the high, the price doesn’t buy you bought, if lucky, the market price sell, don’t sold 3500.

Because now the red cup price is high, you can also directly with five gold card player to suction cup, then money selling cup, the silver card 1100, jinbei, 5000 red cup of 23000, the gold card 2000, within a prepared 50 gold card, it is best to prepare a few more gold card, because the general 10 times can afford the a red cup, this business is a one-way ticket.

I also sell original golden, red ball, estimation difficult now,

you can try.

When you saved 500000, everyone can from JingYingLiang to management quality, please remember to to expensive, there are 5 sets of team, some of the squad, the lack of SF, some lack of SG, we could go to buy some of these players, focusing on ability at this time in more than 80 players, players along with the market price change, this time need to be patient and vision, the threw out, the tuen tuen mun.

When you save up to 200 w, can go to operates more than 88 players, this time a player earns more than 5 w, is buying, money into the cycle of about twenty-four hours.

To introduce you to some more auctions experience:

1: opening bid and the best price they want to sell, don’t too low, too low, is likely to be lower than the market price many sold my bidding and bid price, about 10% difference.

2: see prices to shoot, players now, ready to 1 billion, 100000, don’t treat us as before, in others, there is someone to look at the wrong price, 70 w took 85 drummond green, thought it was 70000, and then delete the game directly.

3: auction, stay calm, especially with people rob, must know the market price, don’t with another going a while at first give a 5 w card photographed 10 w.