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EA hailed Microsoft Xbox Scorpio the Madden 18 exposure strongest screenshots

IT’s home on June 11 news Although Microsoft has not officially released One “Scorpio”, but as a good gay friend EA already can’t wait to express for Scorpio’s praise. EA convention in early this morning, EA executives expressed praise for Scorpio. Said this is the performance of the world’s most powerful host, EA can fully demonstrate the game on this host of fine quality.

EA, executive vice President Patrick Soderlund, said machine was very excited when they receive the Microsoft Scorpio development, its function is enough to reach true game picture of the 4 k resolution. And the latest “Madden 18” trailer has adopted the latest “Scorpio” to run. , of course, because of “Scorpio” just getting started, so future EA will take some time to study and digest. The future of the graphics will be better.

Microsoft will be released at the E3 conference in tomorrow new Xbox One “Scorpio”.