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Happy Women’s Day! Inventory FIFA 18 World’s strongest female player Top20

The annual International Women’s Day came. In this special holiday, let’s talk about women’s football and women’s football in FIFA games.

After FIFA 16 joined the women’s football team for the first time, “FIFA 18” naturally has the existence of a female football team. In the FIFA 18 game, there are 15 women’s national teams, namely China, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Next, we will bring you “FIFA18” women’s ability ranking Top20. Let’s take a look at the girls’ specific scores!

20. Fisher – Sweden – 85

19. Holden-England-85

18. McLeo – Canada – 85

17. Schmidt – Canada – 85

16. Sommer – France – 85

15. Midmar – Netherlands – 85

14. Pope – Germany – 86

13. Alex – Morgan – United States – 86

12. Tobin – Heath – United States – 86

11. Renard – France – 87

10. Saulbrunn – United States – 87

9. Cole – Australia – 87

8. Julie – Otz – United States – 87

7. Henry – France – 88

6. Malozan – Germany – 88

5. Martens – Netherlands – 88

4. Mata – Brazil – 89

3. Sinclair – Canada – 89

2. Rapino – United States – 91

1. Lloyd – United States – 92

The highest ability value is the U.S. Women’s Lloyd 92, the beautiful Morgan’s ability 86, the famous Brazilian star and former world football Miss Marta 89.

The Chinese women’s soccer team has no player in the top 20, Li Dongna with the highest ability value is 81, and the midfielder Ren Guixin’s ability value is 80, which is known as the female Frost’s Wang Shuang’s ability value 76. It was announced recently that the most beautiful team was withdrawn from the national team. The goalkeeper Zhao Lina 74.

Note: The male and female soccer players have different scoring standards, so the game cannot be played together and the player’s abilities are not comparable.

I wish all female footballers happy holidays! younger and younger! more and more beautiful!

Ronaldinho FIFA 18 fantasy lineup exposure, and after a lapse of ten years and Messi to do team-mate

Ronaldinho, Brazilian superstar who officially announced his retirement in January, recently drained his fantasy lineup in FIFA 18 and from this list, he can see that Ronaldinho is very effective on the teams he has played Emphasize, and in his way, miss the club mates who once fought side by side.

In Ronaldinho FIFA 18 starting lineup, including myself, including five players from Brazil, they are the legendary Brazilian king Bailey, Paris Saint-Germain captain Tiago – Silva, had just joined the transfer in the winter transfer Inter Milan Rafinha and play for the Mexican league Tiago – Volpi. From the club level, Ronaldinho will undoubtedly prefer to use the team they have played in Barcelona, ​​Suarez, Seme 多, respectively, became the starting lineman in the eyes of Ronaldinho and the right-back.

And once their own “big brother with one hand,” Messi is a lapse of ten years, and once again become teammates and fight side by side. Visible Ronaldinho loved Messi’s heart.
In addition, AC Milan’s Ricardo – Rodriguez and Bonaventura have also entered the starting lineup of Ronaldinho, and placed behind him Ronaldinho together to form the left of his fantasy lineup. Maldini and sister-in-law, two former Milan defensive midfielders have become the center-back partner.
It is worth mentioning that, playing for Milan giants goalkeeper Donnaluma also Ronaldinho’s bench in place, it appears Ronaldinho is very concerned about the football couple.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year Let’s take a look at the list of FIFA 18 Player of the Year Awards.

FIFA18 “the best lineup of the year is being selected, then what the players in the post-election list? Let’s take a look at the list of FIFA 18 Player of the Year Awards.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year


Juventus – Buffon

Unfair legend of the altar, Buffon as long as they continue to stay in the pitch, he still will continue to devote every year wonderful performances, so that critics have no doubt. Although he retired from the Italian national team in 2017, he remains the most record-holder record holder in the country for all of Europe.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Manchester United – Degeya

The Spanish national team in recent quarters has become the most crucial member of Manchester United array, in 2017 continue to play an important role in Manchester United in the league and the European Cup fight for good results.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Tottenham – Los Angeles

As one of the world’s most stable goalkeeper goalkeeper, Loris performed quite spectacular in 2017: Assist Tottenham won the Premiership runner-up, and led France to qualify for the first qualifying World Cup qualifier.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Navas

After joining Real Madrid, Navas has won a number of teams and individual awards, making him among the ranks of the world’s best goalkeeper.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Atletico Madrid – Oblak

A goalkeeper that can not be underestimated, Oblast, by virtue of his strength, made the Atletico Madrid jump rapidly in recent seasons.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Defensive player

Bayern Munich – Arabba

Earlier in his career, Alappa, known for its flexibility, played a steady role in recent years to secure one of the best left-backs in the world.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Barcelona – Jordi Alba

Famous offensive and defensive Alba left-back Alba, not only is the team an important source of offense, but also have outstanding defensive ability and awareness.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Chelsea – Marx Alonso

Among the various side guard, Alonso’s goals and assists outstanding, not only stabilize Chelsea left back defense, but also to fast-track attack on the frontcourt, and accurately the ball into the restricted area.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Paris Saint-Germain – Alves

The talented Brazilian right-back has had a spectacular performance at the highest level in nearly a decade, and held a high standard after moving to Paris Saint-Germain last summer.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Chelsea – Azpeitui Quota

Most of his career as a fullback, Azipili Quita this season in Conti’s three-man defensive line system defender, find a new career for his best position.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

AC Milan – Bonucci

The Italian defender left Juventus, who played for seven successful seasons this year, as part of the solid defense of the Rossoneri.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Carvajal

Carvajal, who has been underestimated for years, is the biggest discovery of Real Madrid in 2017. Kavahar, a good offensive defensive player, is a clever and versatile passing passer and has a good ability to read the ball and is likely to occupy Real right-back position for a long time.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Atletico Madrid – Godin

Atletico Madrid is one of the few Spanish teams that can impact Barcelona and Real Madrid. The fearless and disciplined defense of Godin is an important factor in the success of Atletico Madrid.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Bayern Munich – Kimi Xi

Kier Milch young, has been the world’s top team and the World Cup champion team selection, its calm and toughness comparable to a pool of experienced players.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Naples – Culleberry

Looking around the world football, there are a lot of burly defensive players, but few take Currey Barre like Bolli like both wisdom and discipline.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Atletico Madrid – Felipe

In possibly the best atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid defensive lineup, Felipe undoubtedly firmly occupy the left back one seat.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Chelsea – David Lewis

This year Brazil returned to Chelsea’s impeccable performance, its personality (and hair) are unprecedented outstanding.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Marcelo

Another player who firmly occupies the main position for ten years, Marcelo of Real Madrid shows off guard defensive balance model: not only has excellent shoveling and single-on-one defensive ability, its speed and footwork also made him an opponent Anti-nightmare.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Barcelona – Pique

Over the years, Pique’s midfielder partner changed one after another, but Pique’s status as steady as Mount Taishan, almost all of his career is the defender of Barcelona.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Ramos

With one of the most honored defenders in football history, Ramos, with his versatility and incredible football wisdom, made him the key to success for over a decade at Real Madrid.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Juventus – Sandro

Juventus won the amazing Italian Serie A Football League six consecutive championships, solid defensive success, Sandro is the cornerstone of the Turin team’s solid defense.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Paris Saint-Germain – Tiago Silva

One of the most efficient and admired defensive leaders in the global arena is the sister-in-law who serves as captain at both the club and the national team and has world-class defensive skills.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Manchester United – Valencia

Although Valencia’s Manchester United career most of the time as the right wing, but since a few quarters before starting to turn right-back, he can be described as brilliant in the new location. The Ecuadorian footballer is fast, offensive and defensive, with strong physical qualities, so that he often can win back guard position, plug in from behind to create dangerous offensive.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Tottenham – Virgin Tongheng

With the big Belgian player in play, Tottenham has had one of the best defensive lines in the Premier League and even across Europe in the past few quarters.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Manchester City – Kyle Walker

Known for his speed, England’s full-back, who moved to Manchester City with a high profile last summer, has done well in just a few months to outperform fans.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

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Bayern Munich – Tiago

Tiago, who plays most of the defensive midfielder, shone brightly in midfield, with his clever vision and superb passing skills, and successfully managed the team’s offense.

Tottenham – Ali

Since the 2015-16 season Lulu sharp edge, the tough Tottenham midfielder with superb skills, perseverance and love of football, has now joined the most familiar one of the England players.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Casselliro

The success of this Brazilian player in the promotion of Liga Real Madrid last season, the success of the tournament, playing a very crucial role. Casamirlo may be Real Madrid’s only true defensive midfielder, often neglected to take up the task of mopping up and building a barrier for the defense, is Real’s nameless hero.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Manchester City – Debraone

Belgian national team talented people in recent years, the lineup can be described as the most prosperous in history, Debray is one of the most radiant one, but also today one of the most comprehensive midfielder. By creating opportunities, defensive and even injection into the ball, almost all kinds of de Blauner Almighty.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Juventus – Di Barra

Debbie Shining in 2017, regardless of being placed in any striker or offensive midfield position, can hand over world-class performance, especially in the ancestral cloud Dusi An unprecedented league six-win championship journey, the performance Scared to heaven.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Tottenham – Ericsson

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

RB Leipzig – Fosbury

The play tricky Swedish star, with his team risen last year, a rising star. The flexibility he reveals on offense is a big find of the Bundesliga. Fosbury’s creativity and skillful footwork make him a great threat to both the wing and the midfielder, creating many opportunities for the team.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Isco

Young Spanish players have fame in Real Madrid for several years, but with his superb performance of winning the league title at Real Madrid 2016-17, he truly solidified himself in the team’s future.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Chelsea – Canter

The versatile Kanter is a model of a typical midfield. He can cut dangerous offensives, dying around the edge of the box, or hand over a precise line of defense across all the other guards, and Kant is the coveted player for every team.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Cross

Only a handful of players have been able to write brilliant achievements in several top leagues, and Cross has his talent to prove that he has won at any event – including the World Cup.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Real Madrid – Modric

Modric may be Croatia’s most outstanding player in history, the club will be diligent midfielder versatile role in retaining the history of Real Madrid, able to adapt to any tactics, in the face of any enemy should deal with Yu Ru. Midfielder Magic Modric always has the power to play the offensive behind the striker or control the situation after falling.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Rome – Naing Golan

The daunting Belgian midfielder, who spent his career at the Italian football stadium, has gradually grown into an extremely flexible and enamored midfielder. Naining Golan is able to change characters quickly and smoothly, shifting from defensive team planners to defensive, offensive offensive spoilers.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Bayern Munich – Robben

Dutch Peter Pan is still one of the best Wings in the world and his quality is still evident this season. Robben right into the wedge skills without exception, shot end ability as usual, even often long-range breaking net.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Paris Saint-Germain – Villati

Even though the particles in the Paris Saint-Germain array are all stars, Verati successfully transformed into a post-fall commander and made a name for himself after joining the French capital.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

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Manchester City – Aguero

For a long time is a strong contender for the English Super Football League mark shooter, Sergio Aguero will not only create great opportunities for teammates, but also good at teammate supply into goals. In recent years, Manchester City step by step toward the king status, Aguero absolute contribution, and his pace of ascension has not stopped.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Paris Saint-Germain – Cavani

Neymar, who landed in French, failed to win the title of “King of Paris,” due to the continued dedication of his team-mate Cavani. The Uruguayan striker won the French Quarter Marks Sagittarius last season, his lore ability to continue to progress in 2017, the season’s goal efficiency has been straight to the previous season record.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Liverpool – Kudiniao

Another non-traditional player, the Brazilian midfielder commander of pure and beautiful feet, the magic can always be changed on the pitch, by Liverpool fans called “Little Magic.” He can make great shots outside the box, or play beautiful guards crossing high passes; Kudiniao is fantastic.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Atletico Madrid – Geliziman

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Chelsea – Azar

Azar can play any role in the attack line, almost every game in the ball can enjoy his master-class technology. The Belgian player has joined Chelsea for several seasons, and in 2017 is his bumper year, scoring numerous goals and taking the trophy back.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Tottenham – Harry Kane

2015-16 In season Tottenham starring Harry Kane continues to improve, dominate the English Premier League striker list. He has won two consecutive Premiership Shooter Award, not many players can have this result, it is undeniable that he will get more honors in the future.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Bayern Munich – Lewandowski

Many people agree that Lewandowski is the world’s most comprehensive forward player, he not only qualified for the traditional “No. 9” center, but also as a lower physical requirements of the position. He has the stature, strength and world-class technology, as well as the ability to create space and assists for teammates.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Manchester United – Lukaku

Lukaku is a tall, strong, explosive traditional center, but the footwork is still delicate. After the move to Manchester United last summer, the big Belgian player proved himself capable of playing top talent.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Paris Saint-Germain – Mbabe

Paris Saint-Germain offensive Trident in the youngest Mpabe unlimited potential, many people think he will continue the strong momentum, skills and will soon be by leaps and bounds. The French striker has proven himself to be one of the league’s most outstanding players, and he will embark on a bigger European or even international competition stage to continue showing strength.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Naples – Mortenson

Mortenson has been playing well in Naples for many years, but he did not really attract the attention of the world until he managed to deliver good performances in the Italian Liga, European and Belgian national teams. Kick Wings for many years he, 2017 unexpectedly transferred to the center, with speed and standard shot, made him shine.

FIFA18 “best lineup of the year

Barcelona – Messi

Being the only player on the team to be comparable to C Lo in terms of discourse and compliment, the Argentinean wizardry has the talent and ability to make him one of the top players in football history. Like C Luo like, Messi usually play free offensive role – there is no specific location to box

NBA2K18 shooting badge have any effect? NBA2K18 shooting badge attribute Raiders

“NBA 2K18” shooting type badge effect Detailed explanation of the shooting type badge What is the use?

In the end, I made a brief 3-pointer shooting comparison with two pitchers that I used personally. One is Emerald Ray Allen, one is Ruby Bowen, of course, Bowen’s three-pointers property is higher than Ray Allen, so the comparison is for reference only.

The first is the two of the third attribute comparison:

Bowen interfered by 9 points high 9 points, 3 points gap because Ray Allen wore shoes, so only 4 points, basically a level one-third shooter

Look at the two-thirds hit rate comparison:
Bowen averaged 58.3 percent from the field while shooting nearly 40 percent, while Ray Allen was 40 percent. The difference is still big. Why is this?

Last two badges look at the contrast:
Bowen had the bottom three-pointers and the catch-and-shoot gold medal we mentioned earlier, while Ray Allen had only the pick-and-shoot shooting hand bronze medal and range unlimited bronze medal. Although there are many variable factors in this group comparison, it still can explain the problem to a certain extent. The difference between the level of the badge and the level of the badge can have a tremendous impact on the hit rate of the pitcher.

This is why in the Hong Kong service PS4 auction house, a catch shooting hand / bottom three-pointers badges can sell 4-5000MT reason.

Since the role of badge so big, follow-up players in the choice of player cards in addition to his attributes when concerned about the price, but also look at his badge details. Usually when the card comes with very few badges, and are all copper badges, and the theme cards, the history of players cards and reward cards badges will be more. For the player you like especially, the way to show your love is: KK gold card package or auction house, please do not forget to play badge Yo.

The above is about the effect of shooting badge in the game graphic Detailed, the impact on the players is still very significant, as mentioned above, you want to enhance a player, in addition to attributes, the badge is also very important.

“FIFA18” Keyboard Fancy Action Tips Summary keyboard how to do fancy action


page 1:

“FIFA18” use the keyboard to do fancy gestures is not simple, below for everyone to bring “FIFA18” keyboard fancy action skills summary, I hope all of you players help.

Key settings

I believe most of the keyboard players is nothing more than from ol3, live to FIFA, the two keys are more similar, that is, ad, in turn, a short biography of a x s.

My key bit setting is probably based on the handle, using the action hand is the left hand to control the right joystick action, the normal player’s hand are usually placed on the wasdx these keys, so to close as possible these keys. My settings are:

Right joystick ⬅️ = caps lock

Right joystick ➡️ = f

Right joystick ⬆️ = 2

Right joystick ⬇️ = space space

Only on this key is not very good press, you can use the keypusher to remove 1 and 3 will not press the wrong. Everyone can set the key bit with my ideas, how to set how comfortable.

Before speaking about the operation, let’s talk about the operation of a non-right joystick. Ball course, the ball key + ball direction do not loose + False Biography / false shot = right joystick ⬅️➡️ That is, after the heel of the foot before the ball to the small change in the foot to accelerate, this action should be all people Can do, the goalkeeper never tried.

Method of operation

First of all, because we only have four keys and can not rotate 90 degrees and 270 degrees just like the right joystick, we can say that we can only use some relatively simple non-rotating actions and say two below:

1. Heel knock the ball to the foot after the small change to accelerate: the ball to the left is the right joystick ⬅️➡️ the rest of the direction you want, this action is that he felt the most practical action. 1v1 will not meet the basic equal to invincible, but need four-star spend, but also pay attention to dribbling rhythm.

2 McGee turn: the left ball operation is the right joystick ⬅️ + ⬆️ / ⬇️ The second action determines the direction of your turn, the other direction you want. As one of the 17 most perverted fancy styles, this version was cut but still usable, mainly spent one time at a time when you were in a hurry.

The above is to introduce FIFA18 keyboard for everyone to introduce the operation, players may wish to try the game.



Mattia Perin – GK – OVR 83 With the Italian league being one of the few leagues playing I expect several to be included in this side. With the options are severely limited which makes it hard for me and leaves the door open for some random inclusions. One player who I can predict is Perin. The Genoa stopper made a total of six saves to keep a clean sheet and pick up a 7.5 from Gazzetta.


Nathan Ake – CB – OVR 75 In what was a dramatic end to the match, with three goals in the final ten minutes of the game, Bournemouth v West Ham ended level with three goals apiece. Ake was involved in two of the home sides goals, both scoring one and assisting another. He picked up MOTM by doing so and although Arnautovic was heavily involved for West Ham with multiple PL strikers already included I think he will miss out in favour of Ake.

Dejan Lovren – CB – OVR 81 The first of three predicted Liverpool players to be predicted this week in Lovren. The Croatian provided the assist on Klavan’s (who is also a contender) 94th minute winner. Burnley will feel hard done by after coming away empty handed but it is Liverpool who continue their impressive form.

Silvan Widmer – RWB – OVR 77 This one is a tad risky seeing as it could be interpreted that Widmer played in a RM role but with a lack of options I am willing to take the punt on him. The Swiss man scored one of Udinese’s 2-1 away win.


Mohamed Salah – RW – OVR 83 The Egyptian just can’t stop tearing up the Premier league. Leicester took an early lead against Liverpool, but Salah had other ideas about the match, scoring two second half goals to lead them to another win. I think with his IF being 86 and the POTM being 88 that he will be 87 rated.

Marek Hamsik – CM – OVR 87 I mentioned that I expect a few random Calcio A inclusions this week and one of those I am predicting to be Hamsik. The Slovakian has been on form as of late and scored another goal in Napoli’s 1-0 win on Friday to help them continue the chase at the top.

Paul Pogba – CM – OVR 87 Pogba makes a difference to the United side when on the field and although it has taken him a few games to settle in since returning from injury he put in another brilliant shift in United’s 2-0 win over Everton, providing the assist on both goals.

Paulo Dybala – RW – OVR 88 There is some debate about Dybala’s actual position with contrasting line ups everywhere you look. What’s not up for debate is his inclusion after he scored two of three Juventus goals in a 3-1 win.

Dele Alli – CAM – OVR 84 One of a few players that I am predicting to pick up an IF from Tuesday matches after they were not counted last week is Alli This one comes against Southampton of which Spurs ran away as 5-2 winners. Alli picked up a goal and assist in that match and although Kane was MOTM, Alli was also instrumental.


Alexis Sanchez – LF – OVR 89 There is some debate over whether Tuesdays fixtures will count but with Arsenal playing their match on Tuesday, I am sure that match will be taken into consideration. Sanchez scored twice in a 3-2 win over Palace and with it being the same formation as last time, likely to be included as a LF.

Roberto Firmino – ST – OVR 83 With three games being registered in the selection period for Liverpool they were always likely to pick up some IF’s. Firmino makes it three from three for his brace in their 5-0 win over Swansea.


Ederson – GK – OVR 83 Some may say that it should be Palace picking up an IF after stopping City’s consecutive winning streak, but City are still unbeaten and that is largely down to Ederson. The Brazilian made a last-minute penalty save in ensure that was the case which left the game goalless.

Robert Snodgrass- RM – OVR 76 Continuing with yet another right sided midfielder we have Snodgrass. Villa recorded a convincing 5-0 win at home to Bristol City. Snodgrass scored both the second and third of those goals helping to secure the three points.

Willian – RW – OVR 84 For the second week running I am predicting Willian to pick up his first IF. With Tuesdays games seemingly being ignored last week Willian’s goal and two assists come into consideration for selecting this side. The Brazilian repeated his feat in the second set of fixtures, again scoring once and assisting two in a 5-0 win over Stoke.

Jesse Lingard -CAM – OVR 78 Lingard has picked up some serious form as of late after being average at best over the past couple of season. He has now scored seven goals in his last nine games. Two came on Tuesday in a 2-2 draw with Burnley and another was added to his tally in United’s 2-0 win over Everton.

Marc Albrighton – LM – OVR 77 Although once again it was Mahrez who stood out for Leicester, recorded yet another goal and assist to his name with it being just a two-week gap between his previous IF I can’t see him picking up another so soon. Due to that I am opting for the next best option in Albrighton. Like Mahrez he picked up a goal and assist as Leicester went on to beat Huddersfield 3-0.

Marko Arnautovic – ST – OVR 82 Another player who is in form right now is Marko Arnautovic. Since Moyes has taken over the Austrian has played in a more advanced role and with that has seen some of the form that we have seen in previous seasons. He scored twice in the previously mentioned 3-3 draw with Bournemouth which with the lack of options should be enough for him.

Fabio Quagliarella – ST – OVR 78 The final inclusion from the Italian top division comes from Sampdoria’s 2-0 home win over Spal. Fabio scored both and both came in the late on, the first in the 92nd followed by another in the 94th minute. Talk about snatch and grab.


Daniel Ayala – CB – OVR 73 Yet another addition from the Championship now with Ayala. The Spaniard scored twice for Middlesborough in their narrow 3-2 win over Preston. Despite conceding twice with two offensive contributions to his name he becomes difficult to overlook.

Ryan Fraser – LM – OVR 73 Bournemouth finally ended their run without a win, which was at eight consecutive PL games, with a 2-1 win over Everton. Fraser scored both of those goals, the second of which was an 88th minute winner.

Mostafa Fathi – RM – OVR 67 It’s been a while since we have seen a Saudi league representative but with Fathi scoring a hat trick from midfield we are likely to see one on Wednesday. It came in Al Taawon’s 4-0 home win on Friday.

Lewis Alessandra – ST – OVR 66 With the sheer amount of lower league fixtures over the festive period I was shocked when not even one hat trick was scored from the ST position. Alessandra was the only one who managed a brace and an assist though and thus with that being the next best thing I have him ahead of others.

Abdoulay Diaby – ST – OVR 72 Although I didn’t predict him myself either I am happy to say that Diaby was robbed last week after scoring twice and assisting another in a 5-0 win over Anderlecht. With that being said it doesn’t officially count towards this week’s side I think it will be a factor. Diaby scored another two goals this week as Brugge recorded a 4-2 win.

Some play how to play NBALIVE28 NBALIVE28 points activity

NBALIVE28 points play can obtain collection and random quality players, collection can be synthetic, 28 points play specific how to operate? A lot of friends don’t know this game, let me to introduce the game for everyone, hope I can help to each player.

28 points play is introduced

In the top left corner of the game main screen click on the button “1”, then click on the “2” of “online games” button to open the online event interface

Enes Kanter: 28 points race is introduced

In the online game interface, you can find the name for “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events, click on “start” to enter and participate in the challenge.

“Enes Kanter: 28 points” is a very important moment Mr Li in the player win an important way, participation can obtain corresponding collection and players every day.

In “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events, the player can hire a score of 84 elite players: Iraq in kantor, with him, you will be more easily win the game!

After entering the game, you need to reach a goal is very simple: in a target area shot and win the final victory of the target area as shown.

Players only need to stand in the target area to shoot and hit, can strike a match. Of course, don’t forget to win is your ultimate goal, actively take part in the game and win!

At the same time, the game only 4 minutes, the player must hurry finished the race and reach requirements.

Enes Kanter: 28 points competition awards

After winning the game, you can get a card bag, and get the “big moment” collection and random quality players. Collections can be synthesis in the composite interface.

Collection corresponding to the players, trophies and collection “important moment”, win the important moment of the players, the inability to auction!

In addition, for the first time to participate in “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events can also get rich experience of gold COINS and return, remember every day to participate in the activity events, get fast player, upgrade your team!


EA hailed Microsoft Xbox Scorpio the Madden 18 exposure strongest screenshots

IT’s home on June 11 news Although Microsoft has not officially released One “Scorpio”, but as a good gay friend EA already can’t wait to express for Scorpio’s praise. EA convention in early this morning, EA executives expressed praise for Scorpio. Said this is the performance of the world’s most powerful host, EA can fully demonstrate the game on this host of fine quality.

EA, executive vice President Patrick Soderlund, said machine was very excited when they receive the Microsoft Scorpio development, its function is enough to reach true game picture of the 4 k resolution. And the latest “Madden 18” trailer has adopted the latest “Scorpio” to run. , of course, because of “Scorpio” just getting started, so future EA will take some time to study and digest. The future of the graphics will be better.

Microsoft will be released at the E3 conference in tomorrow new Xbox One “Scorpio”.

The FIFA Mobile this year a lot of change, are written in here

Practice, the FIFA series is the necessities and the EA and in previous years, accompanied by a single work together to come out and the corresponding mobile games, and as the growth of the mobile devices function of the mobile game play is becoming more and more tend to swim.

This year’s FIFA 18 have been confirmed by the end of this month (29 September) sold, normally Mobile game version will be launched a few days earlier, that is to say, we are likely to see in the next week the renamed “FIFA Mobile games for the first time, of course, in fact, the basic game play is the same, just maybe this year EA to create independent branch of the brand in the Mobile end, so decided to change its name.

But after this introduce in the content aspect is not much, and now according to the latest Revelations, we summarized the following change bigger of the two places:

Comprehensive upgrade of image quality and AI: new mobile game will host (Xbox360 and PS3) using generation engine works, so the picture will greatly upgrade, AI will be strengthened at the same time, FIFA players will no longer face the “dementia” teammates and opponents;

More teams and players: this will appear as many as 650 teams and 17000 optional players, and on the basis of more than 30 league can fully meet the needs of players;

New turn-based Mode: some players may not have so much time has been on the phone, so in the new generation of “Attack Mode” (Attack Mode) is very useful, it will reduce the normal game time half-and-half between the two sides take turns to Attack, eventually scoring more and more people will win, don’t think this is very simple, first mentioned before the AI has been strengthened, moreover might rival is more offensive efficiency at the same time;

Strengthening social function: EA noticed now social importance in the game, even if it is like FIFA Coins hand tour has been partial standalone works, so you can be in this to network with family and friends, complete the list of achievements or challenges.

Than the ontology, the FIFA mobile game in every year, there are actually change more, or for now more space can be adjusted, and the name may also be a new starting point.

The NBA live mobile beginners start strategy nbalivemobile beginners start guide

Authorized by the NBA basketball sports tour NBA live hand mobile will soon in the near future for open beta, as a collection of CARDS, such as elements of basketball player to swim, need to be familiar with after a period of time to get started. So small make up the NBA live mobile novice opening strategy and the new guide, help you quickly familiar with the game.

After new people into the game, NBA Live 18 some basic task quickly, is all some basic operation and knowledge of game and the game is introduced, about 10 minutes, after finish this, you have some money, but it is not started business, also have to go to the playing season and honestly against money, don’t to do online games at the same time, some rewarding, some online games to do a good, do more, you will feel very pit which don’t have much money, also fee physical strength, strength the couple is very important, with physical strength can make money, this stage is to make money by manual Labour.

Next, when you saved 100000 pieces, you can begin to make money, save money, the more to run, the stronger the ability to resist risks; Ago, I started from selling silver card player, that was before the revision, the game has just come out before long, now selling silver profits is too low, because we are now 7500 bags, the gold card, you can start selling directly from the gold card, general gold card below 2000 average, more than 3500 sold, remember is common gold card, is the capacity of less than 79, because of the high, the price doesn’t buy you bought, if lucky, the market price sell, don’t sold 3500.

Because now the red cup price is high, you can also directly with five gold card player to suction cup, then money selling cup, the silver card 1100, jinbei, 5000 red cup of 23000, the gold card 2000, within a prepared 50 gold card, it is best to prepare a few more gold card, because the general 10 times can afford the a red cup, this business is a one-way ticket.

I also sell original golden, red ball, estimation difficult now,

you can try.

When you saved 500000, everyone can from JingYingLiang to management quality, please remember to to expensive, there are 5 sets of team, some of the squad, the lack of SF, some lack of SG, we could go to buy some of these players, focusing on ability at this time in more than 80 players, players along with the market price change, this time need to be patient and vision, the threw out, the tuen tuen mun.

When you save up to 200 w, can go to operates more than 88 players, this time a player earns more than 5 w, is buying, money into the cycle of about twenty-four hours.

To introduce you to some more auctions experience:

1: opening bid and the best price they want to sell, don’t too low, too low, is likely to be lower than the market price many sold my bidding and bid price, about 10% difference.

2: see prices to shoot, players now, ready to 1 billion, 100000, don’t treat us as before, in others, there is someone to look at the wrong price, 70 w took 85 drummond green, thought it was 70000, and then delete the game directly.

3: auction, stay calm, especially with people rob, must know the market price, don’t with another going a while at first give a 5 w card photographed 10 w.