Ronaldinho FIFA 18 fantasy lineup exposure, and after a lapse of ten years and Messi to do team-mate

Ronaldinho, Brazilian superstar who officially announced his retirement in January, recently drained his fantasy lineup in FIFA 18 and from this list, he can see that Ronaldinho is very effective on the teams he has played Emphasize, and in his way, miss the club mates who once fought side by side.

In Ronaldinho FIFA 18 starting lineup, including myself, including five players from Brazil, they are the legendary Brazilian king Bailey, Paris Saint-Germain captain Tiago – Silva, had just joined the transfer in the winter transfer Inter Milan Rafinha and play for the Mexican league Tiago – Volpi. From the club level, Ronaldinho will undoubtedly prefer to use the team they have played in Barcelona, ​​Suarez, Seme 多, respectively, became the starting lineman in the eyes of Ronaldinho and the right-back.

And once their own “big brother with one hand,” Messi is a lapse of ten years, and once again become teammates and fight side by side. Visible Ronaldinho loved Messi’s heart.
In addition, AC Milan’s Ricardo – Rodriguez and Bonaventura have also entered the starting lineup of Ronaldinho, and placed behind him Ronaldinho together to form the left of his fantasy lineup. Maldini and sister-in-law, two former Milan defensive midfielders have become the center-back partner.
It is worth mentioning that, playing for Milan giants goalkeeper Donnaluma also Ronaldinho’s bench in place, it appears Ronaldinho is very concerned about the football couple.