“FIFA18” Keyboard Fancy Action Tips Summary keyboard how to do fancy action


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“FIFA18” use the keyboard to do fancy gestures is not simple, below for everyone to bring “FIFA18” keyboard fancy action skills summary, I hope all of you players help.

Key settings

I believe most of the keyboard players is nothing more than from ol3, live to FIFA, the two keys are more similar, that is, ad, in turn, a short biography of a x s.

My key bit setting is probably based on the handle, using the action hand is the left hand to control the right joystick action, the normal player’s hand are usually placed on the wasdx these keys, so to close as possible these keys. My settings are:

Right joystick ⬅️ = caps lock

Right joystick ➡️ = f

Right joystick ⬆️ = 2

Right joystick ⬇️ = space space

Only on this key is not very good press, you can use the keypusher to remove 1 and 3 will not press the wrong. Everyone can set the key bit with my ideas, how to set how comfortable.

Before speaking about the operation, let’s talk about the operation of a non-right joystick. Ball course, the ball key + ball direction do not loose + False Biography / false shot = right joystick ⬅️➡️ That is, after the heel of the foot before the ball to the small change in the foot to accelerate, this action should be all people Can do, the goalkeeper never tried.

Method of operation

First of all, because we only have four keys and can not rotate 90 degrees and 270 degrees just like the right joystick, we can say that we can only use some relatively simple non-rotating actions and say two below:

1. Heel knock the ball to the foot after the small change to accelerate: the ball to the left is the right joystick ⬅️➡️ the rest of the direction you want, this action is that he felt the most practical action. 1v1 will not meet the basic equal to invincible, but need four-star spend, but also pay attention to dribbling rhythm.

2 McGee turn: the left ball operation is the right joystick ⬅️ + ⬆️ / ⬇️ The second action determines the direction of your turn, the other direction you want. As one of the 17 most perverted fancy styles, this version was cut but still usable, mainly spent one time at a time when you were in a hurry.

The above is to introduce FIFA18 keyboard for everyone to introduce the operation, players may wish to try the game.