The FIFA Mobile this year a lot of change, are written in here

Practice, the FIFA series is the necessities and the EA and in previous years, accompanied by a single work together to come out and the corresponding mobile games, and as the growth of the mobile devices function of the mobile game play is becoming more and more tend to swim.

This year’s FIFA 18 have been confirmed by the end of this month (29 September) sold, normally Mobile game version will be launched a few days earlier, that is to say, we are likely to see in the next week the renamed “FIFA Mobile games for the first time, of course, in fact, the basic game play is the same, just maybe this year EA to create independent branch of the brand in the Mobile end, so decided to change its name.

But after this introduce in the content aspect is not much, and now according to the latest Revelations, we summarized the following change bigger of the two places:

Comprehensive upgrade of image quality and AI: new mobile game will host (Xbox360 and PS3) using generation engine works, so the picture will greatly upgrade, AI will be strengthened at the same time, FIFA players will no longer face the “dementia” teammates and opponents;

More teams and players: this will appear as many as 650 teams and 17000 optional players, and on the basis of more than 30 league can fully meet the needs of players;

New turn-based Mode: some players may not have so much time has been on the phone, so in the new generation of “Attack Mode” (Attack Mode) is very useful, it will reduce the normal game time half-and-half between the two sides take turns to Attack, eventually scoring more and more people will win, don’t think this is very simple, first mentioned before the AI has been strengthened, moreover might rival is more offensive efficiency at the same time;

Strengthening social function: EA noticed now social importance in the game, even if it is like FIFA Coins hand tour has been partial standalone works, so you can be in this to network with family and friends, complete the list of achievements or challenges.

Than the ontology, the FIFA mobile game in every year, there are actually change more, or for now more space can be adjusted, and the name may also be a new starting point.