Some play how to play NBALIVE28 NBALIVE28 points activity

NBALIVE28 points play can obtain collection and random quality players, collection can be synthetic, 28 points play specific how to operate? A lot of friends don’t know this game, let me to introduce the game for everyone, hope I can help to each player.

28 points play is introduced

In the top left corner of the game main screen click on the button “1”, then click on the “2” of “online games” button to open the online event interface

Enes Kanter: 28 points race is introduced

In the online game interface, you can find the name for “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events, click on “start” to enter and participate in the challenge.

“Enes Kanter: 28 points” is a very important moment Mr Li in the player win an important way, participation can obtain corresponding collection and players every day.

In “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events, the player can hire a score of 84 elite players: Iraq in kantor, with him, you will be more easily win the game!

After entering the game, you need to reach a goal is very simple: in a target area shot and win the final victory of the target area as shown.

Players only need to stand in the target area to shoot and hit, can strike a match. Of course, don’t forget to win is your ultimate goal, actively take part in the game and win!

At the same time, the game only 4 minutes, the player must hurry finished the race and reach requirements.

Enes Kanter: 28 points competition awards

After winning the game, you can get a card bag, and get the “big moment” collection and random quality players. Collections can be synthesis in the composite interface.

Collection corresponding to the players, trophies and collection “important moment”, win the important moment of the players, the inability to auction!

In addition, for the first time to participate in “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events can also get rich experience of gold COINS and return, remember every day to participate in the activity events, get fast player, upgrade your team!