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Some play how to play NBALIVE28 NBALIVE28 points activity

NBALIVE28 points play can obtain collection and random quality players, collection can be synthetic, 28 points play specific how to operate? A lot of friends don’t know this game, let me to introduce the game for everyone, hope I can help to each player.

28 points play is introduced

In the top left corner of the game main screen click on the button “1”, then click on the “2” of “online games” button to open the online event interface

Enes Kanter: 28 points race is introduced

In the online game interface, you can find the name for “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events, click on “start” to enter and participate in the challenge.

“Enes Kanter: 28 points” is a very important moment Mr Li in the player win an important way, participation can obtain corresponding collection and players every day.

In “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events, the player can hire a score of 84 elite players: Iraq in kantor, with him, you will be more easily win the game!

After entering the game, you need to reach a goal is very simple: in a target area shot and win the final victory of the target area as shown.

Players only need to stand in the target area to shoot and hit, can strike a match. Of course, don’t forget to win is your ultimate goal, actively take part in the game and win!

At the same time, the game only 4 minutes, the player must hurry finished the race and reach requirements.

Enes Kanter: 28 points competition awards

After winning the game, you can get a card bag, and get the “big moment” collection and random quality players. Collections can be synthesis in the composite interface.

Collection corresponding to the players, trophies and collection “important moment”, win the important moment of the players, the inability to auction!

In addition, for the first time to participate in “Enes Kanter: 28 points” events can also get rich experience of gold COINS and return, remember every day to participate in the activity events, get fast player, upgrade your team!


EA hailed Microsoft Xbox Scorpio the Madden 18 exposure strongest screenshots

IT’s home on June 11 news Although Microsoft has not officially released One “Scorpio”, but as a good gay friend EA already can’t wait to express for Scorpio’s praise. EA convention in early this morning, EA executives expressed praise for Scorpio. Said this is the performance of the world’s most powerful host, EA can fully demonstrate the game on this host of fine quality.

EA, executive vice President Patrick Soderlund, said machine was very excited when they receive the Microsoft Scorpio development, its function is enough to reach true game picture of the 4 k resolution. And the latest “Madden 18” trailer has adopted the latest “Scorpio” to run. , of course, because of “Scorpio” just getting started, so future EA will take some time to study and digest. The future of the graphics will be better.

Microsoft will be released at the E3 conference in tomorrow new Xbox One “Scorpio”.

The FIFA Mobile this year a lot of change, are written in here

Practice, the FIFA series is the necessities and the EA and in previous years, accompanied by a single work together to come out and the corresponding mobile games, and as the growth of the mobile devices function of the mobile game play is becoming more and more tend to swim.

This year’s FIFA 18 have been confirmed by the end of this month (29 September) sold, normally Mobile game version will be launched a few days earlier, that is to say, we are likely to see in the next week the renamed “FIFA Mobile games for the first time, of course, in fact, the basic game play is the same, just maybe this year EA to create independent branch of the brand in the Mobile end, so decided to change its name.

But after this introduce in the content aspect is not much, and now according to the latest Revelations, we summarized the following change bigger of the two places:

Comprehensive upgrade of image quality and AI: new mobile game will host (Xbox360 and PS3) using generation engine works, so the picture will greatly upgrade, AI will be strengthened at the same time, FIFA players will no longer face the “dementia” teammates and opponents;

More teams and players: this will appear as many as 650 teams and 17000 optional players, and on the basis of more than 30 league can fully meet the needs of players;

New turn-based Mode: some players may not have so much time has been on the phone, so in the new generation of “Attack Mode” (Attack Mode) is very useful, it will reduce the normal game time half-and-half between the two sides take turns to Attack, eventually scoring more and more people will win, don’t think this is very simple, first mentioned before the AI has been strengthened, moreover might rival is more offensive efficiency at the same time;

Strengthening social function: EA noticed now social importance in the game, even if it is like FIFA Coins hand tour has been partial standalone works, so you can be in this to network with family and friends, complete the list of achievements or challenges.

Than the ontology, the FIFA mobile game in every year, there are actually change more, or for now more space can be adjusted, and the name may also be a new starting point.

The NBA live mobile beginners start strategy nbalivemobile beginners start guide

Authorized by the NBA basketball sports tour NBA live hand mobile will soon in the near future for open beta, as a collection of CARDS, such as elements of basketball player to swim, need to be familiar with after a period of time to get started. So small make up the NBA live mobile novice opening strategy and the new guide, help you quickly familiar with the game.

After new people into the game, NBA Live 18 some basic task quickly, is all some basic operation and knowledge of game and the game is introduced, about 10 minutes, after finish this, you have some money, but it is not started business, also have to go to the playing season and honestly against money, don’t to do online games at the same time, some rewarding, some online games to do a good, do more, you will feel very pit which don’t have much money, also fee physical strength, strength the couple is very important, with physical strength can make money, this stage is to make money by manual Labour.

Next, when you saved 100000 pieces, you can begin to make money, save money, the more to run, the stronger the ability to resist risks; Ago, I started from selling silver card player, that was before the revision, the game has just come out before long, now selling silver profits is too low, because we are now 7500 bags, the gold card, you can start selling directly from the gold card, general gold card below 2000 average, more than 3500 sold, remember is common gold card, is the capacity of less than 79, because of the high, the price doesn’t buy you bought, if lucky, the market price sell, don’t sold 3500.

Because now the red cup price is high, you can also directly with five gold card player to suction cup, then money selling cup, the silver card 1100, jinbei, 5000 red cup of 23000, the gold card 2000, within a prepared 50 gold card, it is best to prepare a few more gold card, because the general 10 times can afford the a red cup, this business is a one-way ticket.

I also sell original golden, red ball, estimation difficult now,

you can try.

When you saved 500000, everyone can from JingYingLiang to management quality, please remember to to expensive, there are 5 sets of team, some of the squad, the lack of SF, some lack of SG, we could go to buy some of these players, focusing on ability at this time in more than 80 players, players along with the market price change, this time need to be patient and vision, the threw out, the tuen tuen mun.

When you save up to 200 w, can go to operates more than 88 players, this time a player earns more than 5 w, is buying, money into the cycle of about twenty-four hours.

To introduce you to some more auctions experience:

1: opening bid and the best price they want to sell, don’t too low, too low, is likely to be lower than the market price many sold my bidding and bid price, about 10% difference.

2: see prices to shoot, players now, ready to 1 billion, 100000, don’t treat us as before, in others, there is someone to look at the wrong price, 70 w took 85 drummond green, thought it was 70000, and then delete the game directly.

3: auction, stay calm, especially with people rob, must know the market price, don’t with another going a while at first give a 5 w card photographed 10 w.

NBA 2K18 Patch 7 LIVE on PS4 and Xbox One ith Patch 7 now live to download on PS4

NBA 2K18 It was recently revealed that NBA 2K18 had sold more than 6 million copies at retail, while the game itself also saw a large rise in microtransaction and DLC spending.

This has apparently jumped 57% year-over-year for the NBA 2K series, with the game itself also selling in a higher quantity.

“To date, total users and average daily users of NBA 2K18 on current generation platforms is up nearly 30 percent over last year’s release,” reads the quarterly report from Take-Two Interactive.

“We believe that NBA 2K18 will become our most successful sports title ever, both in terms of units sold and recurrent consumer spending.”

The latest NBA 2K18 update has been launched for fans of the popular sports franchise.

While there’s currently no sign of the new patch notes being released by the development team, on the usual channels, some have appeared online.NBA 2K18

The reported list is available to view below at the bottom of this article.

Fans have also found out a few things on their own, such as the current download size for Patch 7.

The new NBA 2K18 update weighs in at around 5GB, while some of the most notable changes include player aesthetics.

According to fans on Reddit, several athletes have seen updates to their looks, although nothing too earth-shattering to the general gameplay.

Patch notes found online confirm that new custom t-shirts are available in the kiosk, while other hairstyles and looks have also been tweaked to match NBA players.

One glitch that has apparently been spotted by fans includes having the no shirt option on Playground replaced with a brown shirt after every NBA 2K18  game.

Madden 18 To Combat Update Read more Tom In Brady Creates New Julian Edelman

Madden 18  Tom Brady sure loves his workarounds. The New England Patriots quarterback, like many “Madden NFL 18” players, is forced to play the game without Julian Edelman, as the current roster update has the Pats receiver on injured reserve. But in an Instagram post Friday, Brady revealed he built a custom version of Edelman, and the results are (mostly) impressive. Check

Madden 18  As you might expect, the post’s comment section was flooded with people asking for Brady’s gamertag/player ID. Although, given his mood at Gillette Stadium on Friday, we’re not sure the 40-year-old really feels like interacting with the outside world. MMO RTS for Mobile on Overwatch WoW Studio Working

Ahead of Blizzard’s annual fan event in November, it would seem that the company is entering production on a new game for mobile.

The games industry leviathan has been responsible for some of the biggest and most influential titles of the last 25 years.

Among its most notable franchises have been the Starcraft and Warcraft real-time strategies (or RTS), and Diablo remains a standard in combat-oriented role-playing adventures. is one of the best in-game currency & items supplier, game article and guide will be updated everyday.
Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind landmark games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Starcraft, is thought to be developing an iOS and Android real-time strategy game for a large number of simultaneous players.


Then there’s 2016 team action sensation Overwatch, digital card game Hearthstone and Blizzard’s own League of Legends alternative Heroes of the Storm.

“Overwatch was the result of Blizzard entering a genre it had no previous experience with – at least, not in terms of a published product – and Hearthstone, propelled back into the top ten grossing charts on iOS and Android whenever a major update is released, was Blizzard’s first mobile game.

So even when Blizzard tries something new, there’s no harm in taking notice.

This time, however, it seems like the secretive studio’s unannonunced mobile project is a return to familiar territory, if not a combination of existing interests.

As spotted by studio fansite Icy Veins, a Blizzard job vacancy asked for a mobile-oriented software engineer with expertise in Android and or iOS development to work on an MMO RTS.

It’s an unusual level of precision, contrasted with the usual language describing a “new gaming experience for mobile,” and the job posting was only temporarily posted; Touch Arcade suggested that “it’s possible Blizzard didn’t want these details out.”

With Blizzard able to draw on its know-how in the MMO and RTS spheres through World of Warcraft and StarCraft” perhaps it’s time to look forward to a new contender in the field on mobile.

In the US, where Blizzard is based, the genre is currently dominated by Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike, King of Avalon and Game of War.

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